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Keeping your home up to high standards of cleanliness can be difficult for busy adults. Hiring a house maid is the right solution for many Singapore families, but where do you start?

Singapore is an international center for commerce, and many Singapore households prefer a foreign domestic worker to make communication easier. Sg maid Pte Ltd can assist whether you need an Indian maid, an Indonesian maid, a Myanmar maid or Philippines maid.

Child Care
Child care services are a necessity for many families today, and parents' lives are easier when they know children are properly cared for. Sg maid Pte Ltd places skilled child care workers with families, also taking into account your age preference for domestic workers.

Elderly Care
Caring for aging loved ones can be challenging, and many families seek help in looking after elderly loved ones. You don't want just anyone to assist with this, but someone your loved one can communicate with, who is trained and compassionate. Sg maid Pte Ltd can match you up with someone who meets your high standards.

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Sg maid Pte Ltd employs Singapore citizens, permanent residents and foreign domestic workers with valid employment or work passes. When you choose Sg maid Pte Ltd, you can be assured all your needs will be taken care of.